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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  February 9, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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north. when we come back, we will break down the snowfall accumulations. derek. here's the latest from the storm safety alert center. the federal government will be closed again tomorrow. and you can add anarundal, and fauquier county schools to the list of those planning to stay closed for the rest of the entire week. you can see all the closings at the bottom of your screen. you can see all of the stations opened today, but we learned service will be back to just the underground stations tomorrow, no metro bus, no metro access service available. >> the snow started falling out near winchester around 4:00, but that did not stop the crews from continuing their work from clearing the snow from last weekend. a lot of people were scrambling around to get more groceries. peggy fox is live in mcclane with more on that last minute effort. peggy. >> they sure are. the flakes are coming down. they are a lot thicker now and it is snowy and heavier, but
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the giant is still busy. not as busy as it was earlier in the day. >> the grocery stores were once again, packed today, round two in just one week. >> they had run down so much. >> they are not just buying out the milk and bread. they are buying everything, from meats to produce to breads and baking goods. >> one thing that they have been buying a lot of this time is the staples with the potatoes, the onions, things of that nature. they are buying the heck out of that kind of stuff, because they are cooking more. > customers bought up the broccoli, onions were gone, too. workers were fast restocking as soon as deliveries arrived. >> my son is going camping with the boy scouts. where are you going? >> i'm going to valley ford. >> cold weather camping experience, and so this is the food for the weekend. >> most things were there,
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milk, bread, produce was limited, but they were trying as hard as they could to restock. >> the shell gas station ran out of gasoline this afternoon. pushing up demand for the shell across the street. >> i'm filling up my car with gas before the snowstorm. >> are you on empty? >> no, i'm just topping it off. >> during the last snowstorm, 40 shell stations across the metropolitan area ran out of gasoline. so i hope you have a full tank. i'm peggy fox reporting live in mcclane, derek, back to you. >> you know it's bad when they buy out all the broccoli. maryland is facing two shortages, one of salt and the other of places to put the snow. fortunately, a new shipment of salt arrived in baltimore today. worker have been working all day long to unload everything that comes in. bruce leshan is live in gaithersburg with the latest on the conditions out there. bruce. >> hey derek, we are at the montgomery shell, they can use some salt here, but one thing they don't need is a plow.
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they had a tough time in the last storm getting a plow, so right back there, you can barely see the truck back there, they got their own truck with their own blade and they can plow out the tanks and so forth, let people get filled up. let people get the snow coming down here, it is a little bit lighter and colder than the last snow that we had. other thing that they don't need and they are very happy about is gas. the bag was on this gas tank, just a little while ago. but, about a half an hour ago, tom came in and he brought in 8600 gallons of regular through the snow from springfield, virginia, and tom back there tells me the drive actually went too bad. he had an okay time, even though he had to look right behind you, joe martin, swing it right behind you, through this narrow driveway. some place else, where people
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would like to have just a driveway is in a lot of neighborhoods in bethesda. they have never seen a plow there and let me tell you, people are getting a little bit miserable and actually taking matters into their own hands and plowing themselves out just with shovels all down the block. >> anything can happen and i don't think that we could get any kind of emergency equipment down this street in time to help somebody. >> it's cold, it's so cold, you can't take the boots off. >> it is not pleasant and we have more coming. >> i think i'm leaving, because with this storm, it's going to bring down more limbs. >> it's too scary to be here. >> right. >> you don't want to be in the house without power when the trees come down. >> well, i got a wife here who can't take it. >> that was suri wood lane in bethesda and they are hoping
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they get power back before it's too late, before this next storm republican gets them in. >> have you seen a lot of cars looking for gas? >> yeah, a lot of cars were coming through and looking for gas. there's nobody here now that they have gas, we were actually waving a few people off a little bit ago, but there has been a ton, a ton of traffic, the pike has been absolutely backed up. >> all right, bruce leshan is live, thank you. well this second round of snow will add to the district's mounting stress on its fleet. reports out tonight that 20 to 25% of the plows have broken down and many streets start to fill to be cleared. bruce leshan has more on what is happening in those neighborhoods. >> day five of the snowstorm with lots more on the way, and tempers beginning to fray. >> look at this stuff. this stuff is crazy out here, man. we have cars getting stuck out
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here. everything is messed up. >> neighbors are reaching out to help one another, people remain indoors. >> when are you coming out? >> next week. >> in many cases, people who must go out are finding the buses are not running. >> i'll make it to work. >> you take the bus? >> yeah. >> good luck with that. >> streets in their neighborhoods are still covered with snow or ice, which is even more dangerous. >> it's worse. it's terrible. >> yeah. >> reports say 20 tay 25% of the plows have broken down and been sent for repairs. >> we have had some equipment that is obviously gone down and we repair it as fast as humanly possible. >> dc national guard has been called out, inbetween home and work. five days into the storm, small business owners are hurting. >> business is slow, but it
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could be better. and we are looking for an opportunity to grow the business a little more, before the next snow hits. >> being dumped on the ground of the old dc general hospital. nearly a week into the storm with much more arriving in the hours ahead, common folk are digging out. >> i've been told you aren't supposed to leave this much snow on your car. i'm uncovering it. >> bruce johnson, 9news now. and a reminder that snow emergency remains in place in dc. nearly 150 cars were ticketed and towed over the weekend and and those tickets carry a $250 fine. and gridlock was the word of the day on a lot of local roads. for some, the issue was plowing, like right here on i- 66. for others, it was lanes along wisconsin avenue. and still others face the bumps of inconsistently plowed streets or ice, like you see
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there in georgetown. the 9news now weather center with the latest on how this strange rush hour unfolded. >> yeah, definitely, derek, not a typical rush hour we are seeing out there, where a lot of the big routes like 395 here, not as heavy as some of the neighborhood streets as people trying to get out there and i think hunker up and buy stuff they need to for the big storm that is already coming down. we see snow coming down, all these other stretches. lots of frustrated drivers out there trying to venture out, as you know, lanes would disappear as you see and snow amounts piling up, so be extra careful wherever you go tonight. a lot of disabled vehicles out there tonight and we'll probably see more as people venture out. right now, they are moving well, incident free between nuttily and 123. and a quick note for metro riders, i think derek mentioned this earlier, tomorrow, it will all go back to underground
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service, even though they reopened all the stations this afternoon, tomorrow, back to underground service, no metro access. the storm is causing a lot of trouble for drivers out there, but we have to weather it and move through. >> all right, thanks. well we've gotten some good stories from you about all the things that happened. we'll share some of them later in the mail bag. be sure to let us know how this next storm goes for you. the address, as always, is >> still ahead, the local on the airports. stay with us. in case of everyday emergencies, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are.
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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. and no candy, gladys. (announcer) perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. welcome back. this weekend storm surely took a big toll on our local trees. a lot of the trees snapped. we could be in for similar problems tonight, but the 9 weather team says it depends on how much snowfalls in this first round of the storm. and a local power company says one of its crews working hard to restore power made a mistake sunday and set an elderly woman's house on fire. that fire burned through the first floor of the house in arlington. power says the crew got the wires crossed and sent electricity down what should have been an unenergized line and into the house. the spokesperson describes it
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as an isolated incident. they are working with the woman and her family to help with their needs. down trees, heavy snow, strong winds, blizzard conditions, keeping the utility companies busy. lesli foster in our storm safety center with timely tips if you are one of the unlucky ones. >> if you are one of those homeowners to lose your electricity, here's how you can protect your appliances when service is restored. shut off all lights, except the refrigerator. wait 15 minutes after electrical power has been restored before you turn on any of your appliances and make sure you use surge protectors. find more storm safety tips on, click on living smart. derek, back to you. >> still ahead, topper is back with your all important storm forecast, so keep it right
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hard at work today, trying to get out as many plains as they can, but by now, most of that activity at dulles, reagan national, and bwi has stopped. most airlines canceled the majority of their flights at all three airports for tomorrow. you can get links to all three airports and check all flights you like at > doctors, nurses, and everybody working at a hospital have just as much trouble getting around as the rest of us when there's a storm. lindsey visited holy cross' command center to find out how people there are handling this snow emergency. >> it starts with a plan, then a room, add tables, chairs, a
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map, phones, and food. this is holy cross hospital's command center. all they need now are drivers. >> we couldn't make it without them. g hospital ceo says they need volunteers with four-wheel drive. >> over the weekend, that storm was so big, that we eventually were only able to use what i would call the big four-wheel drive to get people in a lot of places. >> they like to get 100 drivers, all the hospitals 3200 employees are required to work, many will need rides. >> they are using several rooms to set up cots so employees can stay the night. >> we say the easiest way to get people here in the morning is for them not to have left the day before. >> they will also have to feed those 3200 employees and volunteers. >> patients, nurses, the doctors, labor and delivery, they don't have time to come to the cafe, we are taking foods up to the floors. >> those are starting to feel like pros. >> we made hundreds of rounds.
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>> they are hoping the drivers won't get sick of the road just yet. i'm lindsey, 9news now. >> holy cross says it needs drivers and so do several other hospitals. there are numbers to call if you would like to help. and at >> snowvek kill, whatever you want to say, it means business. >> let's get right to it, we are looking at a winter storm warning through tomorrow. here we go. here are the headlines, dangerous coastal storm. go ahead and prepare to lose electricity and this isn't a knock on any of our power companies. if you prepare, you'll be ready. tomorrow morning, winds start to pick up. and then by afternoon, winds get to be 20 to 40 miles per
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hour and gusty. i'll say it again, i don't think snow will be the signature of this storm. there's the band of snow, essentially west of i-95 and there's a band of sleet, we talked about this. there will be a mixture tonight and for more on that, we'll take you outside the terrace with devon lucy. >> we added up to an inch of snow, with moderate to heavy snow here for the last half hour to 45 minutes. let's go to live doppler 9,000. what's going on, this is a big deal on who is going to get the heaviest of the snow and who gets lesser snow. see this area southeast of washington. that is an area defined where we have sleet mixing in, with the brightest shades. that is sleet and where you have northwest of that, that is heavier to moderate snow. topper is drawing on the lines, that is the heavier, moderate snow and through washington. southeast of there, that's where the sleet is falling. already down in woodbridge, coming in from derek, also in
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fredericksburg, where it's been a mixture of snow and sleet, that's an inch and a quarter down in fredericksburg, you can see the definition here, that is sleet just south of the line that we are pointing out, above that, that is where it's snow. you get more sleet, you'll have less in the way of snow totals overnight. top. >> that's why we are breaking it down and figure out how much is going to fall south and east of town. we have a wide range here. overnight, 2 to 6 inches. 2 to the south. 6 to the north and west. that said, those areas that we showed you, you'll go to snow after 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. 3 to 6 in the morning, that's going to be the tough time, and 1 to 2 inches in the afternoon. total for 14 inches. here's our map. it's on the website, 6 to 12 inches across the metro area. we are seeing the sleet now. 2 to 4 south of that and the bulls eye has been north and east of us. up into north eastern maryland and into philadelphia. snow tonight, heavy by dawn, it
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will still mix south and east for the while. lows, 34 to about 30. now, tomorrow morning, it gets bad. snow, windy, 3 to 6 inches in the morning. temperatures 20s to around 30. by afternoon, not so much snow, begins to taper off. look at the winds, 20 to 40 and gusty. a total of 4 to 14 inches. that goes from charles county to the 4, up into howard county, closer to the 14 inches. next seven days, windy tomorrow, the winds will not leave us alone until after thursday. 35 on thursday, will not crack freezing tomorrow. a clipper comes through sunday night into monday and still in the 30s next tuesday. >> what's up with the clipper? what is that going to be? >> could be an inch or two. >> that's nothing. >> doesn't matter at all. we'll be right back. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's
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mail bag. address, 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, yesterday we asked for your best and worst snowstorm stories. mike is a lot like a lot of you who say if you dig me out, we are friends for life. we think our neighbor, chip, is one in a million. chip owns a farm tractor and used it in both storms to dig out the driveways. he didn't just do it for his friends, but for people he never met. he just showed up and started digging. thanks, chip. sounds like a great guy. similar sentiments from heather saying her neighbors are always the first to offer help when the chips and the snow is down. i had back surgery and i'm not able to help with the shoveling, but hugo and his wife are always willing to help any and everyone that needs it
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when it comes to times like this. thank you. then there was this from sherry who says, after the all the pain, sweat, and tears, someone has the nerve to park in your space, oh people if you did not clear a parking place for your vehicle, do not park in mine. it is just common courtesy. you know, it certainly is, sherry, but courtesy is not enough. dozens of lawn chairs and card tables and everything else, marking off people's parking spots all over town. i just want to see more of your e-mails. the address is top. >> let's look at live doppler. it is snowing like it means some business out there. a little bit of mix. we'll zoom in toward charles county. we see a line of snow. that yellow there, that is all sleet. you go to the north of that and that is back to heavy snow just to the north. down to the south, it is more in the form of just some rain
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and some sleet. so this mixing will continue through the night and then it will change to snow about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. so that's why the snowfall totals will vary so much. you folks obviously are going to have a lot more accumulation and talking 4 to 14 inches. 4 toward charles county, but 14 in parts of hao howard county. >> tonight, we are tracking the storm as it hits its full force. don't forget, all the information at bye. g÷gyç
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new michael jackson autopsy secrets. this is "entertainment tonight." punctured wounds. contusions. that tooed lips. five things you never knew about the king of pop. >> what the diagrams reveal in this just-released report. breaking news -- nancy kerrigan's father's death ruled a homicide. will her brother mark be charged? a nail-biting night from melissa rycroft. >> it's my very first premiere and i can't believe i'm here. >> our "valentine's day" kissing booth. with bradley cooper and his famous friends. how about those super bowl commercials? >> jay and dave. first words about their super bowl shocker, but who didn't make the spot? elizabeth edwards. jenny sanford. "e.t.'s" scorned wives week.


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